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Perfect for teams of 5 to 200, TeamPassword is the simple, secure team password manager designed from the ground up with ease-of-use and collaboration in mind.


Trusted by 15,000+ businesses around the world

The average team has 147 passwords to manage

Get set up in minutes. Guided on-boarding and simple functionality to get the entire Team up and using within minutes.

Ditch the insecure shared Google Doc, shared spreadsheets and other solutions made for personal use. 

Use TeamPassword for secure password management made just for teams.  

Management tools made for teams. Control who has access to what passwords with the click of a button. Email notifications keep you up to date on shared login access and team productivity!

Enterprise level securityFeatures include secure encryption technology, secure password generator, 2-step verification and more!

Proven productivity boosterKeep your team in sync and productive by eliminated wasted time waiting for shared login information to access business and client accounts. 

Works anywhereNo matter whether your team is in the office, working from home or remotely, TeamPassword is accessible on any device.

Super affordable. TeamPassword grows with your team so you'll never pay too much. Pricing as low as $1.50 per user per month for teams of over 20. 

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Password & Identity Management for Teams of All Sizes

Marketing Teams & Agencies

Web, Software & App Development Teams

Startups of All Shapes & Sizes

Advertising & Creative Teams / Agencies


Fast. Easy. Flexible.

TeamPassword is a cloud-based solution that's just as easy to set up as it is to use. 

Add new passwords for shared use with the click of a button. Seamlessly and securely share your internal and client login credentials with your entire team.

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The Average Team Has 147 Passwords to Manage. 

Start managing your shared logins, passwords and more with TeamPassword. It's fast, easy, flexible, secure and absolutely free for 14-days.

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