Password and Identity Manager That Keeps Your Team Secure and In Sync 

Perfect for teams of 5-200 people, TeamPassword is the simple, secure team password manager designed from the ground up with ease-of-use and collaboration in mind.

Access and manage passwords from the web, on your desktop, laptop, and on mobile devices.

Easy Access and Management

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The Password Manager for Connected Teams

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Use the built-in strong password generator to generate secure, randomized passwords on the fly.

Secure Unique Password Generator

See which Logins are being used, which ones aren't, and when your shared Logins are being updated.

Activity and Logging

Groups allow you to quickly share logins and passwords with a subset of team members, a group of external collaborators, or even the entire team.

Groups and Sharing

Add an extra layer of log in security to your TeamPassword account by requiring a temporary Google Authenticator code. You can also generate backup codes to ensure you'll never get locked out.

2-Step Verification

Your sensitive information is hashed, salted, and encrypted locally on your computer, and then transmitted to the server via an encrypted connection.

Secure Encryption

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Password and Identity Manager That Keeps Your Team Secure and In Sync

"TeamPassword makes it effortless for our internal marketing team to share logins with community managers and brand ambassadors across the country. Adding and removing access takes just one click, which has been an incredible time saver."

Heather F. |  VP Marketing, OrderUp

"Before TeamPassword, dealing with passwords was killing me…we're talking dozens of management hours per month…Now, we can put that time directly to more billable hours."

Arsham Mirshah | Partner, WebMechanix

TeamPassword Highlights

Unlock your team's productivity. Lock out trouble-makers. TeamPassword helps you manage access to the web and mobile tools your team needs to get work done.

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